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Introducing Nas- our new trustee

As an Area Manager for a local vehicle service platform, I bring a dynamic and dedicated approach to my role, backed by a proven track record of success both professionally and personally. I thrive on challenges, tackling them with confidence and determination while consistently demonstrating versatility and energy. My commitment to continuous learning is evident through my proactive involvement in various departments and my eagerness to take on diverse tasks. Beyond the professional realm, I engage in strategic thinking through card games, maintain my fitness at the gym, and express my creativity through my passion for baking. Additionally, I actively contribute to the community by volunteering at Krimmz Girls Youth Club and the local mosque funeral team. Recently, I expanded my skill set by achieving biking proficiency with Wave Adventures, attaining Level 1 MIAS, and completing courses in paddlesport safety and rescue, as well as earning the SUP Sheltered Water Award.

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